Recent Calls
Tue. Jun 13th 2017
The early afternoon of June 13, 2017 the Hagerstown Fire Department was alerted for a house fire on Winter Street in the West End of Hagerstown. The Washington County ECC received calls reporting smo...
Mon. Jun 12th 2017
On the morning of June 12, 2017 the Hagerstown Fire Department was alerted, along with crews from the Long Meadow Vol. Fire Company and Community Rescue Service for a reported Apartment Building Fire ...
Mon. Nov 21st 2016
Hagerstown stations were alerted to Box Alarm 3-4-7 for an apartment fire at 809 Salem Ave. at 09:33 hrs. Engine 4 (Western Enterprise) arrived shortly after dispatch and reported smoke coming from t...
Mon. Nov 21st 2016
An individual leaving Meritus Medical Center contacted 9-1-1 advising a building was on fire near Yale Drive. Box Alarm 10-3 was immediately dispatched at 02:50 hrs. bringing multiple departments on ...
Sun. Nov 6th 2016
Hagerstown fire stations and the Funkstown Vol. Fire Company were alerted for Box Alarm 4-8-5 for a structure fire in the 600 block of Knightsbridge Drive at 22:49 hours. The Washington County ECC wa...
Knox FDC Caps

Knox FDC Locking Caps

Offering Peace of Mind for the Community and Firefighters

The Knox FDC Protection Program is a complete system that provides protection for both the intake and discharge sides of water based fire protection systems from accidental damage, vandalism and physical attack.  This system provides the fire department with control over FDC equipment.


Installation of a locking FDC cap ensures sprinkler reliability and building safety by preventing foreign objects from entering the sprinkler system.  The FDC Locking Plug is a 2.5 inch steel male plug in National Standard Thread that are easily and quickly removed during an emergency with a Knox Wrench.  The Keywrench engages a lock on the product that is exclusive to the fire service nationwide. Keywrenches are controlled by the Hagerstown Fire Department.


Knox Caps are specified by the Hagerstown Fire Department but are purchased directly from the Knox Company.


Please visit the Knox website directly to make a purchase - please indicate the Hagerstown Fire Department as your fire department when making your purchase.


To better assist you with your purchase, please click on the link below.  Here you will find information provided by the Hagerstown Fire Department.  This information includes step-by-step instructions on how to order directly from the Knox Company website.



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